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Purple Passion 1953 Ford F-100
C Section Front

A year later on a trip to the Streetrod Nationals in Kalamazoo Michigan The flathead engine blew up. I limped the truck home, using 2 cases of oil.With the engine out I decided to install a mustang front suspension. At the same time I boxed and "C" sectioned the frame front and rear.

I wanted to keep the rake close to what I had before so I "C" sectioned the back section of the frame also and at the same time I installed a ford nine inch rear end. The rear end was installed on top of the springs for an even lower stance. It later proved to be to low and I had to reinstall two leaf springs to achieve a level look.

C Section Rear

TPI Engine

Motivation now comes from a 1988 SBC TPI out of an IROC camaro, coupled to a 350 turbo transmission. Both the engine and trans were detailed with a marble effect. The TPI unit was hand polished and all accessories were painted body colour. All feul and coolant lines were made from braided stainless steel with high pressure aircraft fittings.

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