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  6020 Old Church Road, P.O. Box 152
Caledon East,Ontario, Canada.
L0N-1E0 Phone#(905)584-9816

APPRAISER:   John McGuire / J&B StreetRods


NAME:   Duncan Paterson

ADDRESS:   Ontario, Canada.


YEAR & MAKE:   1953 Ford




MILAGE:   11,000 Miles


The chassis is a factory frame upgraded using 3/16 steel boxing plates. All welds are
Ground smooth and the frame was sand blasted and painted to show quality.


The rear suspension is a Ford 9 inch using parallel leaf springs. Tube type corvette gas
shocks, drum brakes using all new hardware. All component are finished to show quality.


The front suspension has been upgraded to an after market Mustang crossmember. All control
arms are refurbished Mustang units. All ball joints and tie rods are new. Granad rotors are used
with GM calipers as well as gas tube style shocks. All component are finished to show quality.


The steering is a rebuilt Mustang 2 power rack and pinion controlled by Borgeson U-joints
via a GM steering column.


The engine is a GM 305 cid block and head assembly that has been completely rebuilt using
high quality components. The engine has been deburred and has custom paint with chrome and
aluminum parts. The intake is a factory 1986 GM TPI set up that has been hand polished and detailed.
All coolant, fuel and vacuum lines are aeroquip braided steel lines with high pressure fittings.


The transmission is a GM 350 turbo hydromatic, deburred and custom painted and finished to
show quality. The transmission is completely rebuilt using a BM shift kit via Krugal shift arm
to a GM column.


The lights are factory lights upgraded to 12 volts. All wiring is new and secured and fused.
There is a battery disconnect switch for safety. The four signal lights are reproduction chrome units.


The interior has a Concorde AM/FM cass deck with a MGT 100 watt amp running four speakers.
The factory guages are all NOS units. The custom over head console holds Stewart Warner Gauges
and numerous switches and controls. The seats are custom made that swivel and recline with arm rests
The matching headliner and door panels are also custom made. The carpet is new. Both door panels
have identical airbrushed murals of this truck parked on a beach.


The body is an original 1953 Ford F-100 with a BMW hood tilt kit. The box has been smoothed
and filled with teardrops installed on the rail ends front and rear. Tailgate chains have been
removed and hidden latches have been installed inside the box. The box floor is oak and stainless
steel all polished to show quality. The box is all NOS panels. The body is painted Purple passion
base coat clear coat and is finished to show quality. Both bumpers and grille are chromed to
show quality. All glass is new, side and rear glass is Bronze#2 Limo edition.

  1953 Ford F-100  


Mr. Paterson has both supervised and participated in all aspects of the assembly of this vehicle.
He has made sure the end result is a vehicle that is both eye appealing and runs as well as it looks.
It should provide many years of enjoyment.


A fair replacement value for this truck in its present condition would be $29,000 to $31,0000
Canadian dollars.


Qualifications Available upon request.
  John McGuire

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